Issue 123_1Harold Hill near Romford was the location for the last meeting of 2017. Following the usual introduction from Chairman David Shearer, attendees enjoyed the morning puzzling and checking out the sales tables. After lunch a brief committee meeting discussed the upcoming House Party weekend in Bournemouth and venues and topics for future quarterly meetings. Everyone then gathered together for the main event of the day, the Show and Tell session on the theme of “Winter – but not Christmas!”

The topic encouraged a wide range of puzzles. Host, Julia kicked off with a 1930’s Vera Ski Jumper puzzle. Among others shown were a J.Salmon selection, “Returning from Market” by Richard Dadd, two from Waddington’s, two cut by Enid Stocken, several Wentworths including a Special Edition, “Snowflakes” featuring a host of penguins, a set of 12 cut from a calendar by Meredith Worsfold, two from Springbok and a Giles puzzle. Issue 123_2bFavourite presenter John Hyde once again produced a lovely display of mounted puzzles and President Tom Tyler rounded off the session including a fine selection featuring trains in winter. Most interestingly, the session also included many of Simpkin Marshall Ltd.’s Sport and Travel series, rarely seen together.

More tea and cakes followed as members worked on completing as many puzzles as possible before the meeting eventually came to a close. Many thanks to Julia for setting up the meeting in a suitably fitting location.

“Winter” at Harold Hill – November 2017 Meeting
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