We awoke on the Saturday in the UK to a continuation of the Indian summer we had been experiencing recently – bright skies and sunshine – the perfect lighting for a day of good puzzling. Having not been on the Flickr group myself in a while the big question was who was going to be first to post?

Puzzle photos soon started flowing. Some showing puzzles which were to be attempted over the weekend from Parker Pastimes, Jugglers and ‘What Ifs’. Some were finished puzzles from member collections that fitted the theme, from beautiful Brueghel’s, Cartoon classics, and Wasgij wonders. Our international members began to log on for the day, complete with photos of drinks and snacks to keep their spirits high. We were even treated to a quick cartoon drawing or two as a break from all the puzzle pieces. The best bit about these events is how eclectic member tastes are and how wonderfully the theme is interpreted – you can view all our puzzles on our Flickr group – BCD Just Jigsaws, please take a look.

The humour continued as we entered the afternoon Zoom Show and Tell session with a range of amusing puzzles, anecdotes, stories and musings. (See Post above). There was also the odd giggle as inevitably the technology bested us on occasion, with missing photos and screen share niggles.

Puzzling continued late into the night, but enthusiasm remained unabated and more puzzles were uploaded first thing Sunday morning. BCD members puzzled throughout the day with pictures of cats, cartoons and comic capers filling the photo stream. There was also a caption competition running for one puzzle – suggestions ranged from the witty to the down right risqué, but all raised a smile.

At 4pm members once again convened on Zoom for everyone to catch up, chat and share their latest puzzle adventures, projects and interests. It was wonderful to hear of local village puzzle groups, how family members had rediscovered jigsaw puzzles during lockdown and how our wonderful hobby had come to the aid of so many during the current COVID landscape.

It is comforting to think that although we should really have all been together, we have managed to make the best of the situation and our shared enjoyment of puzzles has ensured that we are close in one way or another. Who knows what will happen in the coming months, but one thing is certain…with jigsaws to hand I reckon as a group we will ride out this storm.


Virtual Weekend Meeting – 19th/20th September Theme: Humour
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