issue-116The summer 2015 edition of the newsletter included several articles on the Leverstock Green meeting/AGM held in March including a report on its 30 year B.C.D. anniversary show and tell session. It also contained, among others, articles from Jackie Armstrong on classifying cardboard puzzles, a jointly written piece by Terry Walters (the cutter, aka Grandpa TJ) and Bronwen Lewis (the puzzle-solver) detailing a blow by blow account of Bronwen’s eventually successful process of solving a very tricky Nuremberg Trial puzzle and a debut article from Pete Day on The Bystander magazine and Frederick Warne series of Bruce Bairnsfather WW1 “Fragments From France” puzzles. Bairnsfather spent some of his “leisure” time in the trenches sketching humorous cartoons of the life there. So morale-boosting for the troops were his efforts that, after recovering from serious injuries in the second Battle of Ypres, to his astonishment, was appointed as the War Office’s officially licensed humorous cartoonist! He spent the remainder of the war as such, both back in action zones and in the US speaking and fund-raising on behalf of the Allied cause.

Newsletter 116
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