The Spring newsletter was a real treat, featuring a lovely full colour cover of a Sara White puzzle, “Waterworld”, assembled at the Peterborough House Party, colour photographs on nearly every one of its 24 pages and a superior quality paper to boot! A new production process has meant editor Brian has changed the layout to intersperse the photos with the text of corresponding articles rather than them being collected together on photo-only pages, resulting, in my opinion, in a much more appealing and rewarding read. And he has given it a new title,”Jigsaw Pieces”.

As usual, several articles covered the previous quarterly meeting, discussed in the News post below, but the majority of the magazine was devoted to proceedings at February’s House Party that once again was greatly enjoyed by all. So much so that it might become an annual not a bi-annual event and will certainly be taking place again next February for starters.

Several attendees’ related personal accounts of the weekend, speakers Tom, Alan and Genest provided articles for readers sharing the content of their respective presentations: “Chad Valley’s Cardboard Puzzles”; “A.V.N. Jones: South African and Australian Series Puzzles” and “Psychology and Puzzles!”. To complement that was a lengthy article on the Show and Tell, themed “All Around The World” which yielded a great variety and quality of jigsaws for all to enjoy seeing and hearing about.

The balance of the issue comprised a page put together from their website by editor Brian to celebrate Gibsons 2019 centenary year, short articles by Terry on a puzzling moment he experienced recently , a suggestion from John for a project on the history of Jigsaw Puzzle clubs , listing a dozen he is aware of, an article on various puzzles of the J. Young Hunter painting “Vanity Fair” from Jackie and, finally, a piece by Brian on Waddington’s Jig-maps.

Issue 132 – Spring 2019
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