As is often the case, the Spring 2017 magazine led with an account of the previous quarterly meeting and also contained a full page account of the Show and Tell session along with two and a half pages of colour pictures of puzzles shown there (see previous post for more details).

Following regular entries Chairman’s Chatter and Editor’s Notes were lots of other very interesting articles of varying length, covering a broad range of puzzle-related content. Christopher Turner contributed a very interesting and informed two page article on the history and philosophy of jigsaw puzzling, centred around his grandfather, cutter Dick Sawbridge, who cut many puzzles for the Queen and once fooled the old TV game show “What’s My Line?” panel of celebrities when they failed to guess his hobby after their allotted number of questions ran out! Issue 123_3bJacques Velu explained how he is now able to make his own replacement pieces using a small milling machine linked to his PC.
Issue 123_4

Editor Brian Sulman included an article of his own, “More Unusual Salmon Puzzles” which include “The Changing Picture”, a jigsaw with some interchangeable parts that create two different pictures. Martin and Frances Harper wrote about The Northern Picture Puzzle Exchange, operated from around the beginning of WW1 until his death in 1929 by a cutter called David Dippie Dixon from a Northumberland mansion, Cragside, now a National Trust property and Alan Sudbury followed up on the Winter meeting with an article on Simpkin Marshall’s Sport and Travel series of puzzles.

Issue 123 – Spring 2017
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