Hopes were high for another good turnout at this November’s quarterly meeting and sure enough, the hall was buzzing by the start-time of 10.30. Some exciting puzzles were beginning to appear on the “Sales tables” and the stage, which was being used for the layout of jigsaw puzzles for the “Show & Tell” display on “Farming Through the Ages”, soon started to fill up with relevant puzzles, some going right back towards the late 18th/early 19th centuries! A fine selection of puzzles laid out on the tables around the hall were also soon being worked on by the members, with some very challenging examples amongst them, that’s the puzzles we’re talking about, not the members!

One of our members even journeyed from Spain to make a presentation  on the puzzles of Ernest Nister, bringing with him many examples of his works to illustrate the talk. More and more people are stepping forward nowadays to share their collections and knowledge with us which is great for everyone present, and including news and reports of such talks in the newsletters acts as an important source of knowledge for the future.

A ploughman’s lunch organised by our host proved a great success, with proceeds of around £50.00 going to the charity “Combat Stress” so thank you to all who joined in and especially to Katey and Elaine for their efforts in the kitchen. All in all, another great day with so much to see and do. Thanks to all who helped in its planning and especially to those of you who joined us. See you next time. Have a great Christmas.

Clent, November 2013
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