The hall of St. Augustine’s Church in Chelmsford was the venue for our final meeting of 2014 and proved itself a perfect setting for hostess Marie to have chosen for us all. The attendance was a little down on our expectations but, for the thirty or so guests who did make the journey, there was plenty to see and do, with several well-stocked sales tables to help us swell our collections!

“Modes of Transport” was the theme for the puzzles on display and this brought out a rich variety of material to grace the Show & Tell tables, with examples depicting a range of transportation means including airships, camel trains, ocean-going liners, bicycles, Shanks’ pony and even a magic-carpet! Isn’t it great to see the lengths some members are prepared to go to in their interpretations of the chosen topic? Come and have a go if you fancy it.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Also on hand today was one of our favourite speakers who had brought along a puzzle depicting “Diana of the Uplands” painted around 1903-1904 by the artist Charles Wellington Furze, in which his wife Katherine acted as model. She went on to lead a highly distinguished career as head of the VAD nurses and WRNS.

This was also the first time out for a new idea, that of a “Q and A” table on which members could bring along puzzles which they would like to try and learn more about. It seems highly likely that we have, within our collective experiences, lots of answers to a lot of questions if we can only communicate them suitably. More on this as it develops, but please give it your support. If we don’t find answers on the day, we can hopefully promote the questions in future newsletters and appeal to the wider readership as well. Thanks.

Chelmsford-November 2014
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