The Members website has been updated recently, so you can now search the content of individual BCD Magazines – with the search words highlighted in the text.

If you have not registered with the Members website yet, you are missing out on a great resource of all of our Magazines going back to Issue 1 from 1985 all the way to the latest publication.

You can find the Members website here, which includes demonstration videos on how to register and make use of the website.

As well as individual Magazines, you can also search the full text and contents lists of the entire library of issues using the spreadsheets on the Members website. There are some useful short videos and tutorials from Microsoft on sorting and filtering (i.e. searching) tables in Excel available online.

The site also includes other useful content, such as links to all of the photo galleries, discussions, slideshows, videos, news and Magazine excerpts from recent quarterly and virtual meetings.

BCD Magazines online
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