Despite the best efforts of the covid pandemic (which prevented our Chair and several international members, among others, from attending) and Storm Eunice, at its worst on the day most people arrived, this year’s house party was a great success.For some, this was the first large public event for two years, and the relief at being with friends again was palpable.

Every table was crammed with puzzles – puzzles on display for a Show and Tell on the theme of  ‘Urban Life’, puzzles for sale, and puzzles to complete with friends. The 3,000 piece puzzle wasn’t completed, but an ‘impossible’ vintage puzzle and other very challenging jigsaws were. In addition to groaning sales tables, there was an auction of 30 of Tom Tyler’s puzzles, which raised more than the pre-sale estimate.

There were also two excellent talks by international members. Maria gave a captivating talk about her Catalan Atlas project, by video link from Germany. She had commissioned six hand cutters from different countries to cut sections of the 14th century Atlas, and the results were breathtaking. Meanwhile, Deb travelled all the way from the USA to tell the history of puzzling competition sets, and to dragoon 16 participants into a speed competition, using Parker Pastime competition sets. She even awarded prizes.

Rob had flown in from Abu Dhabi to talk about his proposed app for cataloguing puzzle collections, and making them available to other puzzle enthusiasts.

The AGM was dispatched with the BCD’s usual ruthless efficiency, – Maria was welcomed onto the committee, and Bronwen became the new Editor. Two of our longest-serving committee members, David, our former Chair, and Brian, the editor of the magazine, were awarded Life Membership and especially commissioned puzzles. And, remembering all those who had not managed to get there, or who were no longer with us since the last house party, we all raised a glass to ‘Absent friends’.

BCD 2022 House Party – Peterborough
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