The theme of ‘Beyond European shores’ was an inspired choice for a Show and Tell. Members from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA talked about cardboard, laser- and hand-cut wooden puzzles as well as virtual reality ones. And we pretty much covered the globe outside Europe, with puzzles from the Arctic, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

Our world map expert, Maria, was in her element; she showed us a precious antique map of the world from the 1830s/40s, which illustrated the three voyages of James Cook.

Then new member Vicky stole the show with a modern laser-cut puzzle so mind-blowing that it will need a whole magazine article to itself.

Our Sunday chat was as lighthearted and irreverent as ever. If you are at all intimidated by the thought of all those puzzle experts with their encyclopaedic knowledge, join us for a Sunday chat to discover how silly we are at heart.

April 2024 – Virtual meeting
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